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Thursday, November 3, 2011

To Scuff or Not to Scuff

That is the question--regarding leaves.

It's autumn. The leaves are turning glorious shades of red, yellow, purple and gold. And those leaves are falling to the ground. That can be an annoyance to homeowner's who have to clean up those leaves. But it's a joy to walkers of all ages everywhere.

When I was a kid, I loved scuffing my way through leaves along the sidewalk on the way to and from school. Now, as an adult, I walk for pleasure, and what greater pleasure than to scuff one's way through colorful leaves. There's that wonderful shuffle-scuffle-crunchy sound. That unique dry-leaf smell. It's easy to feel like a kid again when scuffing one's way through leaves.

The only drawback to doing that as an adult is when you come to a neatly raked pile of leaves. To scuff or not to scuff. Someone spent a lot of time getting those leaves piled up into such alluring piles. The thought of a few kicks sending leaves scattering, colors flying is very tempting. It wouldn't even occur to the kid part of the brain that messing up someone's work wouldn't be the right thing to do. But it does occur to the adult part of the brain.

Ack! What to do? Indulge the kid side or respect the adult side? Maybe a little of both. Kick through just a few leaves on the edge of the pile. The thrill is still there, but no damage is done. Not really. Just few leaves scatter away.

That's okay. Right? :D


  1. Hah! Although, I love that crispy, crunchy sound too, I think I'd stick to scuffing through the woods or through my own yard ;)

  2. To scoff or not to scoff?
    My *almost* legal adult son informed me that he never intends to be a full grown up, so his answer would be- go ahead and scoff. My modification would be to go ahead and scoff a little. {Always cutting it down the middle.}