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Monday, August 18, 2014

Living Life to the Fullest

Do you have to climb a mountain in order to "live life to the fullest?"

Or can a fully-lived life be one of the small joys and every-day events?

There's nothing wrong with climbing a mountain, sailing around the world, hang-gliding, or riding the ten highest rollercoasters in the world. But there are other ways to enjoy life.

How about reading a book, sharing a laugh with a friend, sipping tea by the fire? Listening to a cat purr as you stroke her fur while she snuggles on your lap?

Kissing your partner good-night? Putting a clean diaper on a freshly-bathed baby? Watching kids play soccer? Standing on a dock and looking out at the water. Chasing fireflies? Sitting on the front porch? Shelling peas? Eating vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce?

If you'd like to scuba dive by the Great Barrier Reef, go for it. But for a really full life you might stop and smell some lilacs and jasmine along the way too.