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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Bird in the Hand... better than one in the attic.

Last night I heard a bird flapping around in the attic space. I went out on the deck and could see it behind one of the vent screens, so I pulled out a corner of the screen so it could get out. Instead, it panicked and flew up higher into the attic space. So I went upstairs, opened the door to the space, left the room light on and went back downstairs.

I waited a couple minutes then went back upstairs. I could see the bird thrashing around behind a window shade, so I reached up and caught it in my hands. I loosely cradled it as it flailed around because I wanted to sure not to hurt it.Went back downstairs where dh opened the back door and I "tossed" the bird into the air. It quickly flew up into the trees. Happy ending!


  1. Funny story! We once had a bird stuck in our furnace. My husband and brother attempted to get it out. My brother grabbed with his gloved hand and put it in the shoe box my husband was holding, but before they could get the top on, the bird flew out. It banged into the front bay window and finally out the front door, which I had been holding open (originally for my husband and the shoe box). There was shrieking (not all from me!) and afterwards we all fell on the front lawn laughing. A few minutes later the mailman came by. A few minutes earlier and he might've gotten a bird in the face!

    1. Wow! You really had an adventure with that bird, lol!

  2. Doing good will always uplift you. In this case, two of you are flying high.