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Thursday, October 10, 2013

"Please prove you are not a robot."

You know you're a person, but several times a week you have to prove it.

You get those "requests" where you have to prove you are a human in order to post a message. You run into them almost every day. It's bad enough to have to prove that funny, intelligent, good-looking, flesh-and-blood you has to show that you are not a machine. But when the proof requires you to try to read blurry numbers that seem to be attached to houses that have a shady past or letters that are so wavy and squeezed together that they might as well be a pre-schooler's scribbles, it can be almost impossible. How many times have you "failed" and had to try again? And again? And again? How many times have you decided that what you wanted to say was not worth the effort of proving you are you?

Yes, spamming can be a problem. But surely there must be a better way of eliminating it than having to try to interpret indecipherable numbers and letters!


  1. Is it me, or has this gotten *slightly* easier lately? For a while there, it was so tough, that I wonder if "somebody listened." I usually get it on the first try -- but yes, there has been a time or two when I just gave up and moved on.

  2. It's tough. I dislike it, but at the same time, I was getting loads of spam for a while, some of it with links to who knows where, so I had to put it up. So while I grumble every time I have to do it, I understand the need at times.