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Sunday, April 21, 2013

I am the Tortoise

Well, okay, I am not that particular tortoise, but I fit the mold. I'm the kind of person who likes to do one thing at a time. I'm not a multitasker. I don't juggle several balls at one time. I don't burn the candle at both ends. And I don't write particularly quickly. I write about one book a year. Now, I have had more than one book published in the space of one year. But that's because sometimes manuscripts "stack up." Maybe because one has sat with a publisher for a year or more, or maybe it's because I've set one aside so I can look at it with fresh eyes. Or maybe one is being reissued. But I write at the speed of one-a-year. There are hares I admire, who just seem to have several things going at once and who finish everything, and on time. There are, however, some hares like the one in the story, who burn themselves out before the race is over. Everybody's different. Like the tortoise, I finish the race, and I "win" by accomplishing my goal of finishing the manuscript.


  1. I'm definitely a multi-tasker, though sometimes I try to do too much. Okay, a lot of the time. I just can't help myself.

  2. Hey, Slow Sister! I make no apologies for not being a fast writer either. I do wish I was a faster reader, though. So many books...

    1. Yes, I wish I could read faster too. Although, at the end of a really good book I don't want to read too quickly, I want the book to last longer!

  3. I tend to be a multitasker when it comes to writing, but I sometimes wish I was more of a one-at-a-time kind of writer. My brain gets so crowded sometimes that it can be hard to focus when I need to!