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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Is that Spring on the horizon?

Mother Nature seems to be tempting those of us in Oregon. The past few days have been tantalizingly-close-to-spring weather. One day we had a high in the 60s. Other days, though not as warm, blue sky and sunshine have dominated. Then, a few drops of rain. A chilly breeze. Oh, it's not quite as nice as the other days. Guess Spring will have to wait. But ... what's this? A robin? Crocuses, daffodils and periwinkle in bloom? Forsythia trying hard to blossom, just not quite there yet? It is March in Oregon, so before the official First Day of Spring who knows what the weather will do. March winds or gentle spring breezes? Sunny skies or pouring rain? Soothing warmth or goosebumps? Probably all of the above for at least another two or three weeks. :D But the day will come when it is really, finally Spring. The only question is, just when? Edited 3/4 to add: It was only 29 degrees this morning!!!!!!!!! :O


  1. It can't decide here in Florida if it's winter or spring! This morning it was so cold and this afternoon we didn't need a coat.

  2. Our birds are chirping, but we just got snow on Friday. LOL It was weird to wake up to sounds of spring and sights of winter.