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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Distractions from writing outside my window

Everyone wants a writing office with a window with a nice view, right?

And that makes sense. Who wants a crummy view, or worse, no view at all? But that nice view can have its downside when trying to concentrate.

I mean, who can't help but pause when seeing the 5-year-old from across the street is learning to ride her new two-wheeler? Dad holds the back of the bike, girl peddles happily. Girl notices Dad is no longer holding onto the back of the bike. Girl panics momentarily, wobbles, then peddles harder. Girl realizes she can do it on her own! Now that was worth a break from writing.

Birds are good distractions, too. It's always fun to spot a finch or flicker or woodpecker coming to the feeder. Their chirps and colors brighten any day. One blue jay likes to peck at the roof of a small popout addition that I can see from my window. Even if I couldn't see him, I can hear him!

The weather can be a distraction, regardless of what it is. A beautiful blue sky can trigger daydreaming. A few snowflakes in an area where it rarely snow sparks excitement. It's easy to take notice of even the rain. It's raining so hard! Or, ah, rain, we've been needing some rain. Or, rain? Again?

I suppose I could pull the shade, or place my desk where I can't see the window. But what fun would that be? Sometimes a little distraction is just what I need to return to my writing full of energy and inspiration.


  1. ^YES!^
    I have a window to the side of my desk, and it is a distraction. I would be a never-get-there writer if I had a window with a bay view, or worse- a view of the city.

  2. A view can be a wonderful thing as far as writing inspiration and idea generation.

    But in reality, I can't work with one. My computer faces a paneled wall covered with personal items, and it gives me that "cozy cave" feeling, which helps me write.