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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Favorite Love Stories

In books and/or movies.
Pride and Prejudice (book & movie)  Delightful dialogue and characters
Gone With The Wind (book & movie) The drama of it all--and Will She Get Him Back?
The Thornbirds (book & TV movie) Forbidden love...
Gidget (movie) Great first-love story!
Edward Scissorshand (movie) I cry every time.
Camelot  (movie) again, I cry--and sing along
Casablanca (movie) Putting duty ahead of love
Titanic (movie) love everlasting
Roman Holiday (movie) saw this as a re-release in a small theater on my first date with my husband, when we were in high school)
Katherine (book by Anya Seton) a historical romance in the classic literary sense

What are your favorite love stories?

For some love in YA books, check out  mine:

Snowed In Together

How to Survive a Summer Romance (Or Two)

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1 comment:

  1. I loved A WALK TO REMEMBER - the book and the movie.
    I just finished IF I STAY and found the love story part of it very sweet - not too intense.