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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Bucket List

An email about The Bucket List has been making the rounds.

While it's kind of fun to check off the things on the list that I have done, it isn't really my kind of list.
I can't check off "been bungee jumping" or "hang gliding" or "camped in a tent," and the thing is I don't want to do any of those things!

Oh, there's nothing wrong with doing any of those things. They just aren't anything I want to do.

The kinds of things I would like to do while I still have time are to read more books and write more books. To make at least one person smile every day. To laugh and make others laugh. To savor my quiet moment in the morning when I open the door when it's just getting light out. To really enjoy each minute I have with family and friends.

So let others look forward to climbing that mountain or tossing a football around with Peyton Manning or being an extra in a blockbuster movie. I'd rather just look forward to enjoying more of the "little" things in life.

(But if someone wants to give me their box seats  for the Kentucky Derby one year, I'm game. ;D  )